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We’re Beer…

The story of DevilCraft began in 2008 when beer enthusiasts John Chambers and Jason Koehler became inspired by the many success stories of the craft beer movement in the United States. They were soon joined by Mike Grant, and the three of them set out to form their own beer company. The concept began with the idea to make a commercial brewery for outside sales, but soon evolved into more of a ‘brewpub’ concept, where beers are brewed in-house and paired with food in a restaurant setting.

After an exhaustive search for a suitable location and several years of planning, the partners found the first location in Kanda and DevilCraft was formed. DC Hamamatsucho was opened in summer of 2013 with 21 craft taps. In early 2014 we found a great location to brew in an industrial park in Shinagawa and the licensing process was resumed. A mere 4 years after opening our doors, we received our license to brew in September 2015! We are now brewing our own DevilCraft beers at the Tokyo brewery location in Oimachi. We serve our small-batch craft beers at our 3 Tokyo locations: Kanda, Hamamatsucho, and Gotanda.

What is DevilCraft?
The convergence of great craft beer and fresh handmade Chicago-style pizza

When considering the menu for DevilCraft, a key thing the founders noticed was the serious lack of signature food at bars and pubs in Tokyo. By taking a classic American combination, beer and pizza, and pushing it to the next level by pairing full-flavored craft beer with the legendary deep dish Chicago-style pizza, we hoped to create a destination for both craft beer fans and pizza aficionados alike in a fun and casual environment, at an affordable price.

Like our approach to making our own beer, we view food as something best done in-house as much as possible. Our sausage is hand-ground, sauce made daily, and pizza dough properly aged to fully condition before using. Our vegetables are chopped fresh daily just prior to being added to the pizza to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Our salad dressings are all made in-house, wings sauce homemade, and even our desserts are all made from scratch. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for both our food and our beer selection, and hope that our customers can taste that love and dedication in the products we serve.